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Paul Brocchini has published quarterly real estate market reports since 1989. Mark Ryan joined him as a market analyst in 2005. Before buying or selling, view our archive below. It contains reports going back many years. To best understand market trends, click on our fourth quarter reports in which we publish annual figures. A study of these figures will show you how the market has developed over your selected periods of time. We and our reports are your best guides to an understanding of the Monterey Peninsula real estate market.
Latest Reports:

Strong Start to 2015

First Quarter 2015 Report
By: Paul Brocchini & Mark Ryan

The first three months of 2015 continued the solid local real estate market we experienced last year.

Dollar volume jumped 17% from last year. An impressive $314 million plus changed hands up from $269 million last year. All of he markets were up with exception of Pebble Beach. Pebble’s decline is partially explained by a block-buster sale $16.9 million in 2014 whereas this year the top sale in the quarter was $5.6 million.

» Read More

1st Quarter 2015 – Year Opens Strong

First Quarter 2015 Condo Report
By: Paul Brocchini & Mark Ryan

As our regular readers know, we are most interested in dollar volume. The first quarter , of 2015 logged a robust dollar total of $29,304,300, up 27% from last year. This number is especially impressive as the inventory has been and continues to be thin.

There were only 47 active listings on January 1 in the entire Monterey Peninsula. That number barely changed on April 1 when there were 43 active listings. Contrast that with April 2008 when the bust left 165 sellers seeking non-existent buyers (see the Market Barometer). » Read More

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Printable Instructions

NOBODY presents the numbers we publish in our reports in a convenient fashion. They are the only readily available source of statistical information.

Our quarterly real estate reports on single family homes on the Monterey Peninsula are published quarterly in The Carmel Pine Cone and on our website

Our Condo Report, also published quarterly, is exclusively on our website.

The reports consist of five charts and a narrative analysis. The charts are Gross Dollar Volume, Sales by Quarter, Market Barometer, Median Sales Prices, Days on Market.

When you study the charts, here is the approach we suggest:

  1. First look at the Gross Dollar Volume Chart. Gross dollar volume is the tell-tale number. This shows you how many dollars changed hands in the quarter and compares the current quarter with the same one last year. The ebbs and flow of dollar volume is the most dramatic indicator of market health. In our year-end reports we show 10 years of dollar volume and median sales prices.

Dollar wise, greater Carmel is the biggest market.

  1. Sales by Quarter. Here you find the number of sales each quarter for seven quarters. You can compare this year with last year, seasonality, the trend over several quarters etc. Most importantly, you can see what is going on right now.

3, Market Barometer. Another good insight into the current situation is the Market Barometer, an analysis we created. Here we show the percentage of listings under contract. When this number is over 50% the market is red hot. When it is under 20% it is slow and under 10% on life support.

  1. Median Sales Prices. Everyone wants to know what is happening to prices. Are they going up? down? holding steady? The most useful comparisons are annual. Our year end review publishes a median sales price chart covering ten years.
  2. Days on Market shows the average number of days it takes to put a property in contract.

All of the numbers come from the Multiple Listing Service. There has been a recent change in number gathering. All data is now defined by zip codes.

If you compare our old charts with current ones you will notice the following: Carmel, Del Rey Oaks, Monterey and Monterey/Salinas Highway have disappeared; Carmel-by-the-Sea, Greater Carmel and Greater Monterey have appeared.

We explain these changes in our latest reports.

We are here for you!

Paul and Mark

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Article Archive:

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1stQtr-2010 Condo Market Begins to Head Up
4thQtr-2009 Condo Market Ends Grim Year
3rdQtr-2009 Condo Market Has Some Life
2ndQtr-2009 Condo Market Dollar Begins to Stabilize
1stQtr-2009 Condo Market Dollar Volume Plunges
4thQtr-2008 Condo Market Struggles for the 3rd Consecutive Year: Long-Term Appreciation Less than Houses
3rdQtr-2008 Condo Market-Down But Not Out
2ndQtr-2008 Condo Market Remains in the Doldrums
1stQtr-2008 Condo Market Still in Funk
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3rdQtr-2007 Condo Market Barometer Hits All-Time Low
2ndQtr-2007 Local Condo Market Still Shuffling
4thQtr-2006 Condo Markets Remain in Doldrums
3rdQtr-2006 Condo Market Falls To Historic Lows
2ndQtr-2006 Condo Market Falls On Hard Times
1stQtr-2006 Condo Market Remains Healthy
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4thQtr-2000 Condos Remain Scarce
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Paul and Mark are true professionals and gave us their best efforts. The agent that represented the buyer was especially difficult to deal with and caused unnecessary stress and anguish for all involved on both sides. Fortunately, all ended well, thanks to Paul and Mark taking the “high road” and allowing for sometimes over zealous reactions. They both exemplify the best of attributes that we have come to expect from realtors over the past 30 plus years. We look forward to dealing with them again for our next purchase in the next year or so! — John & Bianca » View All
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